I have been with JG fitness for over 2 years now. The fitness programme is very dynamic and it never gets boring.You can be sure that Jamar and Randy encourages you and motivates us in a positive way.They encourage you to try new  things you never would have tried before and this is how my […]


I would say that my experience with J.G Fitness has been a challenging but exciting and rewarding one. Every class, every week presents a different challenge and a different workout. The recording of meals is one of my challenges, as it can be time consuming at times; however, it ensures that I maintain healthy meals […]


Jamar Griffith of JG Fitness is an exceptional trainer, a professional athlete who has dedicated his life to the highest personal standards of personal fitness for himself and others. With the expertise, experience and knowledge required to train elite pro athletes, and the humour and patience to train “never exercised before home bodies”…he excels at both […]