Jamar Griffith of JG Fitness is an exceptional trainer, a professional athlete who has dedicated his life to the highest personal standards of personal fitness for himself and others.

With the expertise, experience and knowledge required to train elite pro athletes, and the humour and patience to train “never exercised before home bodies”…he excels at both ends of the spectrum. He is the standard by which any trainer should be measured.
Jamar will be the perfect mix of tough and motivational, and will create the perfect workout that is right for you. He has a gift that enables him to easily understand what you are truly capable of, and then he applies his skills to help you get there.

I can promise you, your workouts will be challenging and full of variety – tailor made for your personal abilities and commitment level.
Jamar is passionate about all aspects of mental and physical fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he quietly brings to every session.

I now have incredible energy, new muscles, and my balance and flexibility have improved immensely – all thanks to Jamar training techniques – mental and physical.
Personal training sessions with Jamar is the best investment I have made in myself – life changing.
Thanks Jamar!


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