I would say that my experience with J.G Fitness has been a challenging but exciting and rewarding one. Every class, every week presents a different challenge and a different workout.
The recording of meals is one of my challenges, as it can be time consuming at times; however, it ensures that I maintain healthy meals in order to avoid burpees. On the other hand, I’m reaping rewards as the classes help to alleviate my stress, I’ve gained more self confidence and my health issues have subsided.

After joining the J.G Fitness family in 2017, my strength and fitness levels improved and I have dropped two clothing sizes thus far. I have lost 20+ lbs, but my weight tends to fluctuate as I build muscle. The morning class is close-knit, and I love that where one is weak, the other is strong and encourages accordingly. This has also caused me to embody the motto “it’s not when you finish but how… finish strong”.

Jamar wears many hats like: trainer, drill sergeant, friend, cheerleader and counsellor. He cares not only about our physical health, but also our mental and emotional wellbeing.

The members of J.G Fitness are professional and dependable. I would definitely recommend individuals to attend any of the classes offered by J.G Fitness.


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