I have been with JG fitness for over 2 years now. The fitness programme is very dynamic and it never gets boring.You can be sure that Jamar and Randy encourages you and motivates us in a positive way.They encourage you to try new  things you never would have tried before and this is how my fitness level has improved drastically. Moves that i couldn’t  do  when I first started are so much easier and my self confidence has grown from this.

The program caters to the  entire body and you will definitely find a routine which you will love whether it be Cardio and weights, Full body Aerobic sessions, HIIT workouts, Boxing,Circuit Training and of course the Trampoline.

In the course of being with JG Fitness I have lost over 60 lbs and keeping up with my workouts is definitely helping me to keep the weight off. The atmosphere has a friendly family vibe and even if your missing for a few sessions your always welcomed back with open arms. These guys are truly inspiring and I would encourage anyone to try JG Fitness you are going to love the sweet pain!!!


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