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The only kind of Trampoline Fitness on the island of Barbados.

The trampoline workout is body-weight based and does not require any other equipment. Cardio and strength exercises can be alternated in a circuit-based format. The combination of strength exercises keeps the heart rate elevated and the muscles firing.
The duration of the trampoline class is 45 minutes and all classes are located in JG Fitness Studio in Town Square Mall (Opposite Jordan’s Supermarket), Speightstown, St. Peter.

Trampoline exercising provides a unique combination of health and fitness benefits:

  • It is a fun way of losing weight and keeping fit
  • The oxygen circulation is increased in the entire body
  • It improves the cardiovascular system
  • The entire body is exercised without putting excess pressure on the feet and legs
  • General body balance is improved
  • It reduces body fat and increases muscle to fat ratio